Eat Better, Not Less.

Our Story

Grams was born out of the goal to show people that it’s possible to ‘Eat Better, Not Less’. This began with the creation of our delicious raw, vegan, dairy free, gluten free and refined sugar free cakes. We started off selling our cakes at a couple of markets in October 2015. Our cakes were so popular that in 2016, with a lot of local hype, we opened our first cafe in Edinburgh, where we expanded our offering to include healthy ‘fast’ food. Over the years we’ve become known as much for our protein pancakes, vegan waffles and chicken satay as we have for our cakes! In 2020 we opened our second cafe in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. Our first location is now our sister brand (@heyplantbae) which showcases our vegan and vegetarian options.

Our mission is to make healthy food available to everyone, whilst showing them that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring. This goal led us to create our meal prep service, allowing us to share our passion for healthy food with more people. In 2021 we expanded to offer UK wide delivery for our meal prep service.

We have big plans for the future. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram and be the first to know about any new and exciting developments.



Find us at: 68 Hamilton Place, Edinburgh, EH3 5AZ