Awesome Banana Bread and Guest Bloggers

Your back again! There is a recipe after this wee paragraph but give it a read.

If you eat chicken the world will end OR plants don't contain protein. Which is true?

OK, so neither of these are true (although that chicken looks like he knows something I don't......) and they are just as stupid as each other but basically I just wanted to let you know that I am looking for my blog to be balanced. I look around on the world wide web (www fyi) quite a bit and find a lot of blogs that don't educate but instead slam other people and how they eat,train and live their life. Things like: You need meat for protein, if you eat meat you're a bad person, if you don't train 5 days a week what's the point, <insert other pointless things>. It's totally up to you how you live your life and what you eat. I want this blog to give a balanced view so everyone can better understand the FACTS about food.

I have been approached by a few people to do some guest blogging which is great but I am still looking for more people so do get in touch:  I have some people looking to blog about veganism and a plant based protein diet so i would quite like someone else to blog about protein from a non vegan perspective (keep it balanced). I am totally looking forward to reading what these guys have to say though, it's pretty mad how much protein you can get in a plant based diet and I think that even if you're not vegan you are missing out on some pretty good ways to add natural protein to your meals and maybe reduce your meat intake/save some pennies.

Anyway, on to the recipe! Here is the banana loaf I was selling at the last Stockbridge market. You can pretty much use any nuts you like.

500g Bananas
100g pumpkin seeds
100g Sunflower seeds
135g Maple Syrup  
40g Chia Seeds    
150g Brown Rice Flour  
200g Almonds
100g Hazelnuts    
150g Cashews    
2 Tbspn Cinnamon 

Oven on at 180C
Put all your nuts in the food processor and blitz until coarse (I like to hand chop some of them so you get a few big chunks in there). Add everything else to the food processor except the bananas, pulse a few times until everything is combined. Put your mix in to a bowl and add the bananas. Get your hands in there and mush everything together. Don't worry about combining it too much, it's nice to see some big banana pieces when you cut through it. 

Line a loaf tin with some coconut oil (or normal oil or butter or what ever is lying around....not bleach) and baking paper and Transfer to a loaf tin (mine was 2lb tin). The banana bread won't rise so try and shape the top in to how a normal banana bread would look when finished (half a cylinder type shape, you know what I mean).

Throw it in the oven for 35-45 minutes depending on which shelf and if you're fan assisted. My oven was fan assisted and I kept it on a low shelf for 30 minutes and moved it up a shelf for the last 10 minutes. It will be ready when it is a nice golden colour. 

Take it out and let it cool for a few minutes before transferring to a wire rack. I would recommend letting it cool and then wrapping it in cling film until the next day, tastes so much better a day after.

Hope you enjoy, be sure to tag me in any of your photos if you make it.