Maybe I'm about to disappoint some people...

Hey, so been a while since I last posted. I've been crazy busy with the cafe (actually running a bit behind schedule). Thanks for all the support and kind words on our social media pages, it's much appreciated and has kept us going....well that and coffee. 

Anyway, the main reason I am writing this is because I've noticed a lot of people posting that we are going to be a vegan/gluten free cafe. This is true and false. Most of our food will be gluten free* and we will have quite a few vegan/vegetarian options along with our cakes that are Vegan/gluten free/refined sugar free/dairy free. BUT we are not purely vegan/gluten free.

We have posted our thoughts on food and diets in the past, to summerise:

"We believe in a balanced lifestyle. We don't believe in one diet or one way of life for everyone."

The food that we are going to offer will be as natural and unprocessed as possible. We will be using local and organic ingredients where possible and when in season. We will also be factoring price in to our menu when choosing our ingredients, we would love to be 100% organic but we want to make our meals affordable and not just accessible to the affluent few percent.

I thought I'd better clear this up now before there was any more confusion. We want to cater for everyone and make healthy food easily accessible regardless of your diet.

Can't wait to open and I hope you guys will come say hi.

Thanks again for all your support


*Quick side note: our only non gluten free option will be our sandwiches. After tasting loads of gluten free bread we decided that it just doesn't taste anywhere near as good as the real thing and just because it's gluten free it doesn't make it healthier. Having loads of gluten free options on the menu we decided to choose an organic sourdough as it is low in gluten and tastes amazing. This has been sources from a local supplier and pre cut to minimise any contamination (also our cakes are made in a different kitchen). At the end of the day a sandwich isn't going to kill your diet and just remember your "healthy" avocado and toast is essentially a sandwich.