An Introduction

So I'm pretty sure if you have found this page you know what we do at Grams but just in case you were on Ask Jeeves looking for Grans....(why would you even use Ask Jeeves?) here's a little intro:

Grams is a brand new business bringing raw, vegan, clean, dairy free, gluten free, refined sugar free cakes to the people of Edinburgh. Our signature cakes are our Raw Snickers and our Cheesecakes (dairy free!) which come in flavours such as: Strawberry and basil, chocolate orange, Vanilla & nutella fudge and Tiramisu.

Grams cakes are made with 100% natural ingredients. We only use WHOLE ingredients, such as nuts, nut milks, nut creams, raw cacao powder, fruits, and coconut products. Foods that are in their most natural state. Grams does NOT use agave, wheat products or soy products. Our low fructose cakes are sweetened with brown rice syrup and 100% pure maple syrup.

Cool so now we have scared off all the mothers looking for Prams, a little about me:

First of all, the questions I get asked all the time: Am I vegan? Am i gluten intolerant? Allergic to dairy? Only eat raw food? No to all of those. I just like the cakes for their health benefits. I believe in each to their own when it comes to what you choose to put in your body or how you like your life. To be honest I have started eating and making a lot more vegan food recently, it's quite a nice change.

I started Grams a few months ago through a passion for sport, fitness, baking and just food in general. Oh, I'm Lewis by the way, you might have met me at one of the Stockbridge Markets or hanging about Grounds Coffee Shop in Stockbridge....hi. I'm in to all kinds of health and fitness, I like going to the gym (when I can) and playing football as often as possible. I've been on loads of different diets (drinking only protein shakes for 4 weeks being one of i know) but most of them are just rubbish and don't involve cake (what's the point?). I find that eating clean and keeping an eye on my macros really helps me stay energised and I don't seem to put any more weight on AND most importantly it barely has any impact on how I live my life. Sure you could argue that I'm probably never gonna be ripped unless I am really disciplined but I'm happy with slow progress and it means i can live my life the way i want to. Whenever I try to start eating healthy (let's not call it a diet) there are two things I find impossible to find:

1 - Something sweet that actually curbs my sugar cravings

2 - Calorie and hangover free alcohol

I can't really help with the latter but I think that Grams cakes are a good way to hit that sweet spot. This is why I started making these cakes.

If you are still reading and looking for point in giving up now. A bit about what I want from this blog:

I've been trying to start this blog for a long time now. I want it to be a place where myself, other bloggers and  anyone really can post their opinions and thoughts.....rant away! OK, maybe not rants. I want it to be posts about (but not restricted to) health, fitness, macro nutrition, veganism, raw food, cakes (any kind), recipes and anything food related. Definitely get in touch if you would like to blog about anything. I'll also try and post the odd recipe too, first one will probably be next week.

Finally, some things you will not see in our blogs or on our Social Media: Inspirational Quotes. I know for some people it makes them feel better or "inspires" them but I personally believe that you are only going to make a change in your life if you are disciplined and work hard for yourself. I'm giving you guilt free cakes, isn't that enough?! 

You will more likely see things like this:

Ok, maybe not that anti inspiration but you burn wayyyyy more calories if you laugh so you can now laugh, eat cake and feel good about yourself.....shit is that a bit ispirational?!