Regular Meals

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Regular Meals

from 5.50

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PLEASE NOTE: Our meals will last 3 days from collection (e.g. Collect Sunday - Use by Wednesday) . If you would like to eat your meals after these 3 days then meals must be frozen on the day of collection.

Chicken Aioli (gf/df contains nuts)  (Cal:362 P:31 F:13 C:33)

Pulled Pork (gf/df) (Cal:469 P:34 F:22 C:35)

Sweet Potato Mix (gf/df/vg/v) (Cal:327 P:9 F:3 C:62) .

Vegan "Pulled Pork" (gf/df/vg/v) (Cal:261 P:10 F:10 C:40)

Chicken Satay (gf/df contains nuts) (Cal:472 P:34 F:22 C:32)

Salmon (gf/df) (Cal:398 P:22 F:18 C:38)

Pasta Box (Cal:301 P:10 F:2 C:57)

Burger Box (gf/df) (Cal:586 P:38 F:20 C:44)

Chilli Box (gf/df) (Cal:350 P:25 F:11 C:39)

Protein Pancakes (gf/v)  (Cal:339 P:21 F:5 C:51)

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