We want to support as many local businesses and self-employed people as we can so we work with a number of personal trainers across Edinburgh and beyond. Each with their own specialty, the following trainers will be able to advise you and help you with your goals. Whether you are looking for a training plan, one-to-one training, online training or nutritional advice, we’re confident you will find what you need.

Are you a PT and want to work with us? Get in touch with us.

Michael Ulloa

Michael Ulloa is a local Online Personal Trainer and Performance Nutritionist. With a background in Occupational Therapy, he takes a holistic approach to client care ensuring every aspect of your life is considered within your exercise and nutrition plans. Get in touch to find out more about his Get Fit with Michael fitness subscription service or Online Personal Training packages.


Kasia Moszyk

Kasia is a qualified sports therapist who understands that her clients’ fitness journey doesn’t stop in the gym. She brings a wealth of knowledge about human anatomy, rehabilitation and sports therapy. Kasia aims to not only help her clients in the gym but also to achieve a better quality of life. Specialties: Capoeira, boxing and weightlifting.


Matt Peacock

Matt Peacock runs We Are Optimise, an internationally renowned online coaching programme. We Are Optimise helps men reclaim their physique, double their energy, and rediscover their prime. Over the years, Matt has helped hundreds of men build muscle, shred fat and develop an unstoppable mindset. Get in touch with Matt today to find out more about We Are Optimise.


Callan Headrick

Callan Headrick is an online coach with over 12 years experience in the industry. An expert in his field, Callan works with clients of all ages and abilities to improve health, performance and aesthetics. Callan creates personal plans tailored to his clients needs which go far beyond the gym to include training, nutrition and online coaching which all evolve as you do.


Lisa Hadden

Lisa is currently training with The Fitness Group to become a personal trainer. Having embarked on her own fitness journey 6 years ago, Lisa found a love for fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle. She believes a healthy mind creates a healthy life and looks forward to inspiring people to fall in love with fitness while still enjoying the food and life they love.