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Everyone likes to snack, why not make it a healthy snack!

  • Energy Ball - Peanut butter energy ball made with nuts, gluten free oats and pea protein (Cal:246 P:8.7 F:15 C:16.6)  (df/gf/rsf/vg)

  •  "Cheesecake" - A smaller version of our raw dairy free, gluten free, refined sugar free, vegan friendly cheesecake (Macros vary on flavour, average: Cal:278 P:6 F:19 C:19)  (df/gf/rsf/vg)

  • Raw Snickers - a mini version of our famous raw snickers, if you like peanut butter you're gonna love this. (Cal:251.8 P:6.9 F:15 C:23)   (df/gf/rsf/vg)

  • Grenade Carb Killa Bar - white chocolate cookie high protein bar- (Cal:215 P:22.4 F:8.1 C:15.2)

  • Protein muffins - made with eggs and whey protein (Cal:280 P:15.9 F:13.6 C:21.6)

  • Hummus Crisps - Sea Salt - (Cal:202.05 P:2.9 F:7.6 C:30.7)

  • Quinoa Crisps - Chilli and Lime - (Cal:165 P:2.1 F:8.7 C:19.9)

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