Transformation Comp

That health kick in January starts now with our Transformation competition!

What you can get:

  • 4 weeks free meal prep (this is around 60-80 meals depending on the nutritional plan set out) These meals will cover Mon-Fri. You will have to make your own meals for the weekends. WHY? We want to use this opportunity to help someone carry on with a healthier lifestyle even after the month is up and we both strongly believe in a balanced diet.
  • Free meals in store - Fear not if you are struggling at the weekend you can pop in to Grams for a free lunch. This covers one meal for yourself only.
  • 4 weeks of free personal training - You will receive 1 on 1 personal training with Michael Ulloa twice a week for the month. He will also be available to answer any questions throughout the month  
  • Nutritional coaching - Michael will develop a meal plan based on our ready meals and help keep you on track at the weekends by explaining how to track your macros using MyFitnessPal
  • Personalised exercise programming - Out with the personal training you will need to go to the gym or workout from home. This will be programmed by Michael and easy to follow.

How the Competition will be drawn:

  • We will choose 10-20 people at random to fill out a questionnaire about themselves and then choose one winner from those. The reason we are doing it this way and not totally at random is that we are investing a lot in to this person and we want to make sure we have someone who is as invested in this as we are.

What we need from you: This is a huge prize and we want to show that even just a month of eating well and training can make a big difference:

  • The winner of the competition will need to be willing to write a few lines about how their training and eating is going every few of days or maybe weekly. 
  • You would also have to be willing to take a before and after photo including regular weigh ins and measurements (this is standard in tracking your progress). The photo will be used on social media but it can be made anonymous .
  • The free food and training will commence on the 7th of January for 4 weeks so you need to be able to commit to those 4 weeks.